“Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.”
–Henry David Thoreau

     Everything that we do, we believe in providing freedom of education. We believe in bringing the future to our present time. We do so by seamlessly delivering knowledge, creativity, and wisdom right to your door.
BooklyBox is the only book membership club offering expertly curated selections delivered straight to your door, along with exclusive access to our thriving online book club community. Reading has historically been considered a solitary activity, but our virtual book club and community provides a rewarding and enlightening social experience exclusively to our members. We’ve built an entire social media platform around BooklyBox. Come join us and be a part of our select out-of-the-box group.

     Inside every BooklyBox membership there is a brand new book from the genre of your choice, useful items to aid you in your reading, including a bookmark, some tea, and two different items every month that will make all the difference in your experience, a comprehensive report of where your donation went to and how it will make a difference, an entire podcast dedicated to every book that you receive where the moderators of your genre group will discuss that book and sometimes even the author, immediate access to our online book club community, and a heartfelt thank you. We appreciate your business and support of our giving initiatives. With every BooklyBox that you purchase, we donate one book to someone in a less fortunate country. We make sure that we challenge you every month and provide the absolute best quality products. At BooklyBox, we stress the details in everything that we do and strive for beauty in the simplicity of everything  that we provide. Our members come first at all times.

     We are a company that successfully sustains the One for One model. Meaning that for every single BooklyBox ever sold, we donate one book to kids/teenagers/adults in less developed countries.  We make the entire process absolutely seamless and take out the stress and burden off of everyone’s back. To spread education to the most remote places around the world is one of our overlying goals and something we take a lot of pride in. Our mission has always been to change the world with as little as one book at a time. As a company, we’re well aware that we don’t have all the means necessary to make the world be the exact way that we want it to be, but we do have the means and power to impact lives one by one with just a book. We believe that all it takes is one individual to create immense change and we believe that we can help ignite that sense of curiosity, hope, and ambition in some of the most remote parts of the world where kids/teens/adults have never had the chance to receive proper education. We believe that we can create real change in the world with your help and we thank you for believing in our mission.

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