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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

“From time to time, there’s a few companies that truly manage to impact the course of human history and how things are done. These companies withstand the test of time and bring forth a new way of thinking, being, and living. BooklyBox is the forefront of that example. Change is on its way and I’m happy to say that it’s BooklyBox that’s leading it.”

Founder and CEO of Morning Advice
-Zachary Hill

“Absolutely love the fact that it’s all straight forward. The boxes come with things that you actually need and not fillers. I have gotten them as presents for my entire family. It’s great to finally see something that’s worth spending money on and supporting the 1-for-1 movement while at it.”

Founder and CEO of Permanent Liner
-Rosanna Miller

“BooklyBox is one of the most unique and creative subscription boxes I have encountered yet. With a variety of genres this box is perfect for any book lover.”

Youtube and Instagram sensation
-Naif Salem @Fanboyology

“BooklyBox is a unique service which connects readers in a fun, social way. Their boxes are filled with treats and topped off with a new release. I highly recommend their subscription service as they also donate a book to a cause when a box is sold.”

Youtube and Instagram/Twitter sensation
-Benjamin Alderson @Benjaminoftomes

“My favorite part about BooklyBox would definitely be the packaging. The box is gorgeous on the outside and when opened. When opening, it’s literally just like Christmas! I also love how BooklyBox is very interactive–you’re able to chose the books you would like to be featured in the boxes, and once you read the book that was in your BooklyBox, you’re able to talk about it with other people who have read it on the BooklyBox virtual book club, BooklyBuddy. BooklyBox is definitely unique as well. They donate a BooklyBox for every BooklyBox bought. Overall, I really enjoyed my BooklyBox and would recommend it to others. If you’re looking for something that is really interactive and selective, BooklyBox is the book subscription service for you!”

Youtube and Instagram/Twitter sensation
-Grace Zhuang @grayczhuang

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