Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Nigeria


Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Nigeria (ABBFN) is a professional body that is saddled with the responsibly of regulating all the bodybuilding activities and emerging competitions in Nigeria.

This association was created to inspire the teams and their members within the country to achieve fittest goals and build companionship with other members of the team through participation in a set of bodybuilding activities.

The association was formed with the sole aim of maintaining a strong body and strong nation. On a general note, it was formed with the mission of informing, educating, monitoring and training the teams and individuals who have shown interest in bodybuilding sports across the country.

Secondly, the organization stands to foster support and control competitions in fitness, bikini, figure, physique and bodybuilding in general.

Since the foundation of this professional body, they have organized different local tournaments. On the other hand, they have given technical and financial support for team and individuals who represent Nigeria at international tournaments such as Champions of the National Fitness Challenge.