Bodybuilding is the practice that is involved with the application of resistance exercise to control and develop the muscle arrangement of the body. In Nigeria today, bodybuilding is known to be a complete sport associated with some large-scale bodybuilding competitions and training organized by bodybuilding associations within the country.

Bodybuilders Nigeria

Initially, Nigerians do regard bodybuilders as wretches that are just misusing their time to develop their musculature so that they could be selected as thugs for dignitaries in the country. However, it now has the meaning which can be described in two aspects today within the country. To start with, bodybuilding is an art because it is the expression of human creative skills and imagination in a visual form for people to appreciate primarily for emotional power or impression.

On the other hand, bodybuilding is a complete sport because it incorporates many types of sporting activities and workouts. And this is exactly the body and all the associated competitions that have drawn many individuals and competitors from across the nation viewpoint where Nigerian has come to understand.

bodybuilders Nigeria

One of the bodybuilding contests that is been organized annually here in Nigeria is known as Mr Flex Nigeria. This is one of the biggest and the leading bodybuilding championship held yearly and is been put in order by Steco Productions. This bodybuilding competition was conducted for the first time in Nigeria on the 28th day of September 2011 at Rockview Hotels Apapa, Lagos.