What is BooklyBox?

BooklyBox is the only book membership club offering expertly curated selections delivered straight to your door, along with exclusive access to our thriving online book club community.

How Do I Join BooklyBox?

Click on Join Now and choose your favorite book genre. Then follow the checkout process to provide us with all of the necessary information.

How much does a BooklyBox membership cost?

Our membership costs only $29.99 🙂

When Does BooklyBox Ship?

We try our best to have every BooklyBox out of our facilities by the 15th-25th of every month.

How Do I Update My Billing or Shipping Information?

It’s very easy. Just log onto your account on our checkout sit, BooklyBox and click on the “Manage Your Subscriptions” tab on the top left, then edit what you want.

How Do I Switch Genres?

Switching genres is extremely simple and we’ll help you with most of it. Just email us at support@Booklybox.com and we’ll get back to you right away!

How Many Times Can I Switch My Genres?

You can switch your genres as many times as you would like. Just make sure to email us at support@BooklyBox.com and we’ll help you out 🙂

What Comes Inside Each BooklyBox?

Inside every BooklyBox membership there is a brand new release hardcover book from the genre of your choice, useful items to aid you in your reading, including a bookmark, some tea, and two different items every month that will make all the difference in your experience, a comprehensive report of where your donation went to and how it will make a difference, an entire podcast dedicated to every book that you receive where the moderators of your genre group will discuss that book and sometimes even the author, immediate access to our online book club community, and a heartfelt thank you. We appreciate your business and support of our giving initiatives. With every BooklyBox that you purchase, we donate one book to someone in a less fortunate country on your behalf.

When is My Account Billed?

Your account is billed immediately upon signing up and then on the second of every month after that.

When, if Ever, is it Appropriate for Me to Cancel My Membership?

Your account is billed on the second of every month, so if you ever decide to cancel your membership for whatever reason, never do so before the second of the following month.

How Does The Donation of a Book for Every BooklyBox Work?

With the purchase of every BooklyBox, we donate one book to kids/ teenagers/ adults in less fortunate countries, through our philanthropic partners.

If I Have Any Further Questions How do I Get in Touch With BooklyBox?

You can send us an email at support@booklybox.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.