Shipping & Returns

We currently only ship to the U.S., Canada, The U.K., Australia, France, and a few others, because of the favorable shipping rates. We are focusing on getting better rates on shipping all over the world but at the moment we don’t think it’s fair for our members to have to pay extravagant amounts just on shipping alone. We hope you all understand. Thank you.

Normally we do not allow returns since our products are relatively low cost but if there’s anything that’s severely damaged and there’s proof, we’ll make an exception. Also if there’s anything missing please contact us. If that happens to you, please email us a picture of the box at, let us know what is missing, and when the BooklyBox arrived, all within 5 days of arrival to insure that there’s no misleading advantage being taken. Our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

When it comes to shipping, we try to get our boxes out by the 15th-25th of every month and we try to make sure that every BooklyBox arrives at the end of every month.